FAQ's ScentRelief


Is this product legal in my State?

ScentRelief® is legal in most areas that allow the use of scent attractants for deer.  Because it is human urine and not deer urine, it cannot contain the CWD prion and may be legal in States that have banned the use of deer urine attractants. Check your local regulations or speak to a game officer to confirm.

I just urinate from my stand and it doesn't seem to matter to the deer.  How is this better?

When urine is expelled, it begins to turn to ammonia as soon as air hits it.  In a brief period of time, it will break down and is not an attractant.  During our patented conversion process, the formation of ammonia is stopped because we kill the bacteria that causes it to ammoniate.  Plus, we add attractants to the neutralized urine that actually attract deer such as estrous, tarsal, etc.  This is not the case with human urine.

Do you expect me to believe that deer can tell the difference between human and deer urine?

Yes.  Many scientists have studied this topic and believe that this is the case.  Deer have far more scent receptors in their noses (over ten times more than a bloodhound) and are able to detect smells that other animals cannot.  Deer use urination to communicate with other deer and therefore can tell the difference between other deer, predatory animals and humans. 

How long is the product good for once mixed?

For peak effectiveness, the product should be used within fourteen days after mixing. 

The attractant or cover scent sometimes overflows when I add the enhancer or modifier to the neutralized urine.  Is this normal?

After the neutralizing powder is added, time should be given for it to stop fizzing (approximately 10 minutes or so).  Once the powder stops fizzing, the user should slowly add the enhancer or modifier to the urine.  The enhancer or modifier SHOULD NOT be added to the urine when the powder is still fizzing.  

After I add the neutralizing powder to the urine, it never seems to fully dissolve.  Is this OK?

Yes, the powder is non-toxic and has no effect on what the deer smell.  Some human urine is more acidic than others and causes the powder to fully dissolve while some does not. 

Is it OK to just add the neutralizing power to the urine and then immediately add the enhancer or modifier and then add the cap?

No, this is not OK and should NEVER be done.  The neutralizer needs time to finish fizzing before adding the enhancer or modifier.  The liquid enhancer or modifier contains a second chemical that interacts with the neutralizing powder. 

How should the cover scents and attractants be used?

The cover scents can be poured right out of the tree stand onto the ground.  The attractants can be used in mock scrapes, on draglines, in drippers or like any traditional urine attractant. 

What are the benefits of ScentRelief®?

ScentRelief® allows you to convert human urine into a safe and effective attractant that is legal in most States.  You are preparing 16 ounces of fresh urine for the cost of 2 ounces of other brands.  Plus, it is as fresh as you can get!  Finally, you can go in your stand and attract the deer around you!