FUZED™ Deer Scents

  Fuzed Scents Dispenser

Simply put, we use urine collected from a non-cervid species of animal. We then treat the urine using our patented urine neutralization and conversion process.  This creates a safe and effective deer attractant that eliminates any risk of CWD contamination.  FUZED is not a synthetic deer urine. Synthetic attractants are not urine-based and do not contain the same compounds and other elements that are found in real urine. Because of this, they are not as natural as real urine attractants and are less effective. With FUZED®, you're using real urine that's safe and effective!

A recent study conducted by a leading university concluded that FUZED® products attract deer as effectively as real deer urine!  Also, the study found that FUZED® products last 66% longer in the field than real deer urine because we stop the ammonization process during manufacture.  This means that the breakdown of our attractants occurs at a much slower rate than deer urine!

Since we use urine collected from a non-cervid species of animal, our attractants are legal in most regions that have banned the use of cervid or deer urine-based attractants!  This makes our attractants the only urine-based alternatives to synthetics in most regions!