About Us

Re-Inventing the Outdoors™

Inventive Outdoors LLC was founded by Deane Elliott to combine existing and future brands of outdoor products under one roof. He is an avid hunter and spent over three decades in the patent research business conducting patent searches for corporations and law firms throughout the world. Deane holds several patents in the outdoor and other industries. He is the innovator behind the patented Gutcheck® Indicator, a pH-sensitive Indicator wrap or wipe that indicates the effectiveness of your archery shot. Deane is also the creator of ScentRelief®, a patented conversion system that creates effective attractants and cover scents from a hunter's urine. His latest patented innovation includes a line of non-cervid (non-deer), urine-based attractants called FUZED™ that are legal in regions that allow scent use but have banned cervid (deer)-based urine attractants.