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Inventive Outdoors LLC was founded by Deane Elliott to integrate existing and future brands under one roof. Deane is an avid hunter and spent over 32 years in the patent research business conducting patent searches for corporations and law firms throughout the world. Deane holds several patents and has others pending in the hunting industry. Deane is the innovator behind the patented Gutcheck® Indicator, a pH Indicator wrap or wipe that reads the effectiveness of your shot on a several different species of animals. Deane is also the creator of ScentRelief®, a conversion system that creates attractants and cover scents from human urine. Deane’s latest innovation is a non-cervid, urine-based line of attractants called CWD-Free™ that is legal in regions that allow scent use but have banned cervid-based urine attractants.

GutCheck - Be Dead Sure