FAQ's FUZED Deer Scents


How would you describe FUZED™attractants?

FUZED® is best described as a "hybrid" urine attractant.  We use real urine as our base and treat it with our patented neutralization and conversion process.  Once neutralized, we add scents containing synthesized identical compounds (SIC's) as found in nature creating a revolutionary deer attractant!

Why should I give FUZED™a try?

Science has proven that deer urine contains the prion (mutant protein) that causes Chronic Waste Disease (CWD).  While our product is real urine, it is not made from deer urine (or urine collected from other cervids).  This means you can confidently use our effective attractant without introducing the CWD prion through its use!

Is this product legal in my State?

FUZED™ is legal in most areas that allow the use of scent attractants while hunting because it is made from non-cervid (non-deer) urine.  Because it is made from the urine of a species of animal that cannot carry CWD, it cannot contain the CWD prion.  Most hunting regulations specifically ban the use of urine attractants "derived from a deer or other cervid."  Check your local regulations or speak to a local game officer to confirm that it is legal in your region.

Why is it better than a synthetic attractant?

Synthetic attractants do not contain the compounds that are found in natural urine.  So, while a synthetic attractant may smell "similar" to real urine, it does not smell the same to deer because of the compounds that are missing.  By using real urine as our base, our attractants contain the compounds that deer expect to smell. 

How do you know it works?

FUZED™ was independently tested by a leading university against top brands of  real deer urine.  The study concluded that our attractants worked as well as real deer urine at attracting deer (verified by their test data).  Additionally, the study concluded that FUZED™ attractants lasted 66% longer in the field than natural deer urine because we prolong the breakdown process during production.

How can I demonstrate to a game warden that there is no deer urine in a bottle of FUZED™?

Our label specifically states on the rear panel that the bottle does not contain urine "collected from deer or other cervids." 

Doesn't all urine turn to ammonia in 30 minutes? 

All urine is sterile until it is exposed to oxygen upon being expelled.  However, during our neutralization and conversion process, we stop this process by killing the bacteria that causes ammonia formation.  This means that the deer cannot tell when the attractant was put out and also allows the hunter to reduce the number of visits to a scrape to freshen it. 

I've smelled a lot of deer urine and FUZED™ smells a lot "lighter" or less strong than others.  Why?

Most of the deer urine attractants that are purchased off the shelf have been sitting in containers for weeks if not months before bottling and packaging.  Because most of the containers and packages used are not 100% air impervious, they allow some air to reach the urine.  This causes the bacteria formation which gives the urine the pungent smell that hunters have grown accustomed to smelling.  Fresh deer urine has a lighter smell than most people are accustomed to smelling.  Fresh tarsal urine actually smells somewhat like perfume. 

Can you make this for moose, elk, mule deer, red stags and other animal species?

We can make this product line for any deer or animal species if the demand warrants production.  Feel free to contact us for more information!